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Trust me, I absolutely have no idea what i’m doing, or do I? Oh, this is the part where I say “Welcome To The Black Writer”.  My name is Tamunotonye Levy-Braide, I’m a content creator and this is my blog. The Black Writer is a self expressive lifestyle blog. I use my life to tell stories, teach, create and inspire. I think I’m too rare to die and too weird to live. Enjoy my life etched in words and images.

Ps. my blog is reader friendly, still building on that vocabulary *winks*

My Top Instagram Stories Take Over Tips

Reading Time: 4’32” || My Top Instagram Stories Take Over Tips “Want to make your visual content more engaging to your consumers? Focus on being useful” Jessica Gioglo Who agrees with me that social media is God’s gift to businesses. Especially small businesses and...

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