*Dancing Shoki* I’m really excited about tomorrow, sad thing I have to split myself.

The Lagos Bloggers Brunch is a meet and greet event hosted by one of my role models Dee Mako of deemako.com. when I started blogging I used to look up to her, I still do actually ; so this is a big deal for me, lol.

The Saints Care Charity Cup is a Christmas event for orphans. I really love charity events and this is time to give back. I believe God blesses us to bless others.

These are two events I don’t want to miss, so I have a plan. I’ll attend the brunch first and later head to the Charity event. I still don’t know what to wear *screams*. Anyways I’m sure I’ll come up with something tomorrow morning. I doubt if I can sleep tonight, the anxiety is real!!!!

What do you think i should wear? say “yay” If you’ll be attending any events. I’m still open to more events oh! as long as they are weekdays and not weekends. Feel free to invite me.

PS- all your comments are very important to me, so please keep commenting *wide grin* Thank you



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