It’s 7.00 am I have an aching back and a sore foot. My eyes are heavy but when I close them sleep is far away. What better time than this to talk about myself lately?

Finishing my exam and loving my results. I concluded my first semester exams some weeks ago and to be very honest that exam gave me the chills. Two weeks to the exam I wasn’t ready, my insides were melting my mind was restless and I did what I know how to do best; I sought the face of God and prayed for a still mind. Whenever that sense of fear and worry came I reminded myself that God’s got me covered. You can only imagine the happiness I felt when I saw my result and it was very good, one of the best even. A lot of times in our lives we just need to be still and know that there’s God.

Reflecting on life. This is something I do all the time but now that I’m in my final semester it has become a daily culture. Leaving school has made me reassess everything from my attitude, passion, friends, finances, my career path and a whole lot of other things. Right now, my perspective and view of life has changed. I don’t want to go into details as some of these things are personal to me but I’m glad I was able to shut the distractions out and really think. You should try it sometime.


Waist training! Yaasssssss! Purchased a waist trainer from Jumia and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I intend to go back to the gym in July, time to work the body. Work work work work. When the waist is just how I want it I’ll do a bikini shoot maybe, just maybe oh!!!

Fighting battles. Yes, I said fighting battles and I mean spiritual battles. I’m not much of a dreamer but when I dream they are always special and sometimes reveal things. After my exams in May I started having bad dreams and some of my friends started dreaming about me. The day I got really scared, I woke up feeling very uneasy because of the dream. my friend called apparently she dreamt about me and trust me it wasn’t good. I was still trying to pray when my mum called saying she dreamt and my sister dreamt too. I prayed my family prayed but that sense of darkness was hovering around me for a while. I feel better now although I still have some weird dreams now and then but nahhh I aint worried.

*be right back, I need to go apply my face mask its 9am already wow*

Coping with a long distance relationship. Should I talk about this now? Hmmmmmmm no.

Telling you a story now. Some weeks ago I had a twitter scandal that went way out of proportion, I had people calling me from all over. Funny thing is that I wasn’t even bothered at all while all the drama was going on I was honestly praying for the person that did it to me. It takes a certain level of hate to try to destroy a person’s reputation and that kind of hate can eat you from the inside. I honestly felt bad for the person and pray God heals him or her. On the bright side I got a lot of followers lol.

Loving Make up. I’m going to blame this on the weather, it’s always so cold. I really don’t like applying makeup just because of the way I sweat but with this weather I’m now a makeup junkie. And my makeup game is getting strong.


Rocking my hair. I installed the Kivanna Beauty crotchet twist and I don’t want to ever take it off. Sadly, it has to go this weekend the hair don try for me

*wow its 9.18 time to wash it off, don’t go anywhere*

I have an edible face right now *grin* it’s almost 10am time to start getting ready its Conectar!!! Time.

Quick announcement: I won’t have access to my blog for two weeks because it’s about to undergo some remodeling. I’m changing the look giving it a makeover so follow me on Instagram @TheBlackWriter as that will be my temporary blog. Thank you.

My next myself lately will be more interesting, school has resumed * wide grin* I’m going to miss you for two weeks, but I’ll be back bigger an better.

What have you been up to lately? Share with me we might just be in the same shoes, and please follow me on IG @TheBlackWriter

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