Myself Lately V

Hey there TBW readers, miss me? I missed you too. I’m sorry for leaving you for so long, it was just a much-needed break and my blog needed some upgrading. So I’m back with a taking stock post just so you know what I’ve been up to.

Attending Events. This year was supposed to be my year of turn ups, you know, hang out all the time and blah blah but life happens. I’ve been buried in my books, school activities and there’s just been a lot of expenses. Anyways I started attending blogger events like the NFB Yard sale and the CAG Bloggers Forum of which I had a good time. I plan to attend more and I’ll be done with school in October so no more school baggage.

Finding my Style. Ever since I read Cassie Daves post on finding your style I’ve been on that journey trying to find mine. Lately, I’ve been wearing more of clothes I like and not what I think people like; finding comfort in my own style. Everyone seems to be loving it.

Myself Lately V Myself Lately V Myself Lately V

Planning my departmental and faculty events, as usual, that’s no new story.


Taking Health seriously and having a new approach to life. We go about our daily living taking care of the outside and forgetting the inside. I’ve lost two very young people to the most unexpected illness. In school, we just wake up to death news and it’s sad how young ones are leaving. I’ve been asking myself more questions, what am I doing with my life? Am I being the woman God made me be?

Loving Jon Bellion, Mr. Eazi, and Adekunle Gold. Do I need to talk about how amazing they are??????

Final year week!!!! It’s been five (5) amazing years in University of Lagos. I went all out for my final year activities and it was amazing!! I have just two more months to go and I suddenly don’t hate school anymore. The friendships I’ve built in the past two months are the ones that will last a lifetime and it’s sad I waited this long.

Myself Lately V Myself Lately V Myself Lately V
Exploring local markets. It’s amazing how you can spend very little and get good quality items at some of our local markets, you just need to know the ropes. I got my denim trousers for just N500 at Yaba market and trust me, it feels as good as it looks.

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Myself Lately V

Learning to love more, give more and be more selfless. This is as a result of changing my approach to life. I’ve been told that I’m “self-centered” of which I am a little bit so I’m trying to change.

Eating Indomie. I’m not a big fan of indomie but lately, I don’t understand the love.
Sleeping all the time. I’m always tired because of the stress and responsibilities from school so sleeping is my new hobby.

Thinking of what next? I’ll be done with school in two months and I just can’t stop thinking of what next. I’m scared most times when I try to figure it out and come up with nothing. The thing is my mind has been so distracted and busy to focus on anything. I’m trying, though, really trying and trusting God to help me figure everything out. You can put me In your prayers, the more the merrier.

Myself Lately V Myself Lately V Myself Lately V

what have you been up to lately? Loving my new blog design and my baby made this happen. I’m so proud of her, you can reach her on IG @yindesigns and folllow me too @TheBlackWriter pretttttyyy pwease.

Outfit Details

Denim Pants – thrifted (local market)

Sandals – Aldo (gifted)

Shirt – honestly can’t remember where.