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I’m pretty sure the role social media plays in our blogosphere and followership has been overemphasized enough so I’m not even going to hammer on it. Instagram is still my favourite, and I’m always trying to make it look better. So you can imagine the joy when I read Mirabelle’s blog post on editing your Instagram pictures and creating the perfect theme, you can view it HERE , P.S you should totally read that post, go girl!!

A few months ago, I stumbled on this app called *drum rolls…………. *

UNUM and it is totally amazing for creating the perfect Instagram feed. So after reading the tips from Mirabelle’s blog, this app will come in handy as it will help you create that dream feed.
What I love about UNUM

Multiple accounts.
For someone like me that handles my blog and personal Instagram account, this is just perfect for me; saves me from the hassle of logging out and logging back in.

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

Post Analytics
Timing is very important in Instagram posting, you need to know what time most of your followers are online and blah blah. This feature shows you your best hashtags, best days and time. I still post whenever I want but I try as much as possible to post on my suggested time.

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

Live feed
So I have a live feed of my Instagram and as I post it just adjusts, how awesome is that!

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

Arrange my pictures to suit my theme before posting

Before I found this app, I would normally post the pictures I plan to post the next day late in the night just to see how they look ad sync with the previous photos and delete them immediately. Now thanks to UNUM all that is in the past. With my Instagram feed already on the app, I can drop the pictures I plan to post in the spaces above my live feed and reorder until it suits my taste.

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

Drag and drop
As stated earlier, re- arranging is really easy as you can just drag and drop! Shikena!
Caption it!
For every picture you plan to post, you can caption it while it’s just sitting pretty there.

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

Direct posting
Yep! You can post directly to Instagram from there.

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

I always forget to post on my Instagram but with UNUM I can set daily reminders for the exact time I plan to post.

The Unum App is fun to use and can be very helpful in creating that perfect Instagram feed. There are a whole lot of other features not mentioned here, but these are just the ones I love the most. It has a feature that allows you edit a picture and can also split the pictures into grids and order them in the way you should post.

When I downloaded a few months ago, I didn’t really like it because of the “hanging” issues but since the last update, it has been perfect. Sad thing is, it’s not available for android yet, but I think it will be soon. I have version 2.4.0 and its 32.3mb. Picture tutorials are not really my thing, so I’m sorry if I didn’t properly explain; you can view UNUM HERE

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, if you try out the app, let me know if you like it.