Last year was hectic, at some point I stopped blogging, I gave into the stress. Between the last myself lately and this, a lot has gone down but I do not want to dwell on that, new year, new posts. In the meantime, you can still check out my 2016 post HERE.

This post usually takes the taking stock format but today I don’t feel like doing it that way so here goes…

So I crossed into the new year happy, stronger and ready to conquer the world, life has thrown some stones already but I’m back up, shame on you devil. I’ve spent most of my time trying to plan the new year, and it’s been kind of hard because I just graduated and it seems I don’t have everything all figured out and that is so unlike me. I will not stop over emphasizing on having good people around you, I have been so worried about my future and it’s been weighing me down. Thank God for the friends and family I have around me that have found ways to encourage me and made me realize how ok it is to be lost and confused sometimes.

I started this year hoping to improve my spiritual life, I’ve noticed some good changes and I’m happy about it. Despite the hurt that came early this month, January has been chilled!!!! Lit in fact!!

I really don’t want to write much today, I just want to tell someone that you can start all over. I can’t wait to see the surprises and blessings God has in store for me.

NOTE: This is not my typical Myself lately Post.

UPDATES ON TBW CHALLENGES: Last year I had two challenges up on the blog, The relationship challenge, and The Mid-Year Bucket List. We are a family so I just feel the need to explain to you all why I didn’t update them.

My relationship with Tunde ended, it was a lovely one indeed. I actually did have a lovely time and even if I were given another chance I’ll do it again. Tunde is a very wonderful person and even tough things didn’t work out I still wish him all the best. I didn’t want to post updates, so I’m sorry I raised your hopes up.

As for the mid-year bucket list, like I said erlier, last year was s hectic. With project, final year and all I didn’t even have time to do anything. Anyways I plan to complete this challenge so stay tuned.

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