Simplicity, clarity, singleness: these are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art –  Richard Holloway

I recently just came to know about being a  minimalist, it is something I’ve been seeing on my timeline, bios, and comments; everybody just seems to be talking about it, so I decided to look it up and I am totally in love with the idea.

Minimalism has to do with eliminating the unnecessary, it believes the secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction, minimalism is a subtraction for the sake of focus.

Being a minimalist is intentional, it is choosing to rid yourself of material things that do not hold value, it is not letting yourself to be swayed and distracted by the media and all its standards; it is choosing freedom.

This month, I decided to study the book of Acts of the Apostles and while reading, the minimalist nature of the apostles of the early days struck me and made me realize that in order to be a good Christian one has to learn the minimalist ways. To serve God is to rid your mind of all distractions and focus on him. Let’s be honest and think about it, most of the things keeping you away from God are material things and things without value or worth.

To be with God and to live with his Grace, we have to be humble, obedient, walk in faith and use our blessings for His glory. Too much clutter in your life will prevent this from happening. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like, of which I believe when on earth He was a minimalist.

After being exposed to a lot of things, it is actually hard to live like a minimalist but like I read somewhere, being a minimalist is more of an internal thing than external. It’s not going to be easy to drop everything but let’s start making wiser decisions and stop placing importance on material things. Rid yourself of the baggage and focus on God, all other things will be added.

What do you think of the minimalist theory? P.S how’s the month of love going, any plans for valentines?