Staring at the blank screen for twenty minutes now, I am in awe, I do not even know where to start from, to start describing how amazing you are. When I look at your face, it is a reminder of how great an artist our God is. He took his time, paid attention to every tiny detail and made you perfect just for me.

I love the way your eyes brighten up when you smile even though you refuse to smile often because you are shy and don’t want people to see that tiny broken tooth; Tamunotonye, it is beautiful and I love it. You have the most perfectly sculpted nose I have ever seen and also the quirkiest; the way it twitches and gets cold really fast, that’s why I always tease you and tell you that you have a dogs nose.

I sit and smile while watching you complain about your stomach and how you want it flatter also how you want a bigger butt. Sometimes I can’t help it but laugh and I know how much it annoys you when I do that. If only you knew how happy I am to be blessed with such art, baby you are art, you are a masterpiece, wonderfully and fearfully made by God.

Every morning I see you is a blessing and I cannot stop thanking God. Your sinusitis has gone so bad that you can’t do without itching your nose and making those pig-like sounds. Sometimes you get so conscious of it when I’m around and try to stop but baby it is you, it may be noise to others but music to my soul.

I love how you have mastered the art of walking and trying to hide your ‘k-leg’, baby, if your legs, were straight or curved I wouldn’t love you any less. All the imperfections you see are perfections to me, in your imperfections I have found beauty.

I really wish you knew how amazing you are, your personality is one I haven’t found anywhere, I have searched but still yet to find. I love how delicate and fragile you are but yet so strong to the whole world; Oh my Kikelomo, my Oloko. It always feels like I have  been stabbed in the chest whenever you come crying into my arms, I would do heaven and earth for you, cross oceans and deserts just to make you happy; I am who I am today because of you, you have moulded me and nurtured me, helped me grow and for that I am forever grateful to you Tamunotonye

You are so young and small yet you have a heart big enough to hold everybody in it. Your love for life and all things beautiful, your passion and zeal to help people is something that gets to me daily and my dear, God will reward you. You have been hurt, betrayed, talked about, misunderstood countless times but yet you still live and love my, God are you even human?

You are so scared of your past, you let it haunt you every day and even if you don’t say it I know you are ashamed of it, ashamed of your failures and broken relationships but Deborah the past is the past, the more time you spend trying to erase it just keeps you stuck there. I love you, your past, your present and your future. The woman I have fallen in love with it is a beautiful woman that has evolved from what she used to be and has risen above her mistakes. You push yourself daily and I just need you to be reminded that  You are strong, confident and purpose driven, and my dear you will achieve great things, the world will know your name.

You are alone right now and you being you, I’m sure you are worried and feeling sad but then again you are still the same Tamunotonye, my Deborah, you always find your way back up and you have the biggest God with you.

Baby girl, I want you to let shit go, let go of all the bad feelings and stand strong, the shit you’ve been through you can’t go through all that again so baby please don’t let all this get to you. You are an inspiration to me and many others, be strong for us do not let us down.

What I feel for you has gone beyond love, words do not exist to convey m feelings. I am so proud of you and what you have become.

Happy Valentine’s Day Tamunotonyemieba Deborah Levy-Braide