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Thrifting is shopping through clutters of grades of second-hand clothing items usually at a really cheap price.

All through my university days, thrifting was a major part of my wardrobe diaries; my school was located close to a major thrift market and we had vendors bring thrift items to the hostel. I went thrifting the other day and at the market, this post idea just popped in. I saw some girls wearing trousers and because of that, they couldn’t try out some clothes. I used to make that mistake in the past, I love you guys so I don’t want you to make the same mistake. I don’t know of any physical thrift store in Lagos so, for now, we do roadside and online thrifting ( mostly roadside) so you have to dress the part.

The best outfit to wear to a thrift market is a light long sleeveless gown. With this you can try on trousers, tops and even jumpsuits; the length protects your private area especially when you have to try those jeans on the roadside.



Ps. This outfit is just packaging, when I was going to the market I ditched the accessories, jellies, and scarf, can’t be going there looking all expensive LOL.

PPs. I thrifted for my fans lol, my loyal and able followers. I’ll be posting the pictures on my IG, follow me so you don’t miss out @theblackwriter

Outfit Details

Dress – Gift from Nancy ( le boo)

Retro Glasses – @shoplhurvedavies (IG)

Jellies – Borrowed from Nancy

Scarf – local find

Belt- thrifted

Yaay, I learned a new way to edit my pictures. Ps. do you have some thrifting mistakes you’ll love to share? slide into the comment section. Thank you for the constant support you’ve been showing me, I love you all.

*Nancy is my friend

*Disclaimer: This post includes tips I figured out on my own due to my thrifting experience. The opinions are all mine and the pictures were taken by me. Dump the misconceptions of thrifting. It is not for the broke alone but is a good way to save money and also source really good items. 

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