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Dayum, Baby, you look good!

Been AWOL for a while now, blame it on too many activities and improper time management. Yes! I’m accepting all the blame here. This post is to show you how beautiful I looked on Saturday at the Inauguration of my church and drop a few lessons learned these past few weeks; myself lately post will be up soon.

  • Put your happiness, health, and life before any job or anyone; because if you die today or leave, you’ll eventually get a replacement. I used to be the “Carry everything and everyone’s problem on my head” kinda girl but all of that is changing. Let’s be good people, care for our friends but know your limits, know who you are crossing oceans for and act accordingly.
  • Sometimes we feel we are not ready for change, ready to take the next step; just let God take control. He knows the plans he has for you and trust me they are good.

Outfit Details

Dress : @purpledewstitches (IG)

Hair: @Locks_and_curls (IG)

Shoe: Yaba market

So what have you learned lately? Feel free to share in the comment section. Don’t you just love the dress? and she made it in two days notice, very efficient.

*Yaba Market is one of the biggest markets in Lagos state Nigeria. It’s popularly known for having the best thrift items. 

*Disclaimer: This post was not compensated by the fashion house. I was simply a customer who loved the whole experience; the customer care, efficiency and finished product. The images in the post are mine. 

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