Reading Time: 3’54”. Travel Diaries|| My trip to Ouidah, Benin Republic!!

Travel Diaries|| My trip to Ouidah, Benin Republic!!

To Live is to explore
The Black Writer

I’ve always wanted to be an explorer, you know, travel the world, get to see places and experience new cultures but then life is in stages. Right now I’m in the ‘figuring out’ my life stage, preparing for NYSC, trying to start a business, get a job, basically just get a steady flow income doing what I love. ( I should even write a “myself lately” post next because I’ve been up to a lot!)

Anyways that asides, it’s always been on my to-do list to explore other African countries ( Ps it’s even on my MID-YEAR BUCKET LIST I made last year and have refused to update) I spent my Easter in Ouidah, Benin Republic and its ok to say it was my best Easter ever and thank you Social Prefect for making it Possible; follow her to get first-hand info on new amazing trips coming up. So I made a vlog and I want to put it up on Instagram, I do not have a YouTube page and I don’t think I want to open one or should I?

*break in transmission hahaha, I literally just went to open a youtube page now I’ll upload it there so go watch the full video and subscribe, the youtube name is Tamunotonye Levy-Braide. Thank you *

This trip taught me some lessons like…….

Traveling is not about the country or how exotic the place is, it’s about the mind, the culture and the people around you.
When I decided to explore Africa, places like Kenya, Zanzibar, Morocco and you know, the exotic places was what I had in mind. (Ps. I’m on an explore Nigeria thing too) but then when I saw there was a trip to Benin I wanted to give it a try.

Staying in that small community in my little beach cabin just changed everything. We didn’t really do much but all the time spent on Karaoke, trying out new foods, taking pictures and videos, games on the bus, swimming, laughing and making new friends was bliss. It wasn’t even about the place anymore it was about the memories and the feelings. One thing I want to do in this life is to make memories with amazing people.

Travelling brings out that inner free and happy child because you literally just drop every baggage. I met some really “big” people ( hahhahahah) had no idea who there were until after the tour. Now I can say I know some celebrities and really important people *covers face*. A lot of time we just live our lives without making memories, we don’t have moments where we can just sit back and remember things that will make us laugh to our stomach or smile to our ears, sometimes even relive the feeling. That was Ouidah to me, memories…. and I went with this crazily amazing person who happens to be the love of my life.

Experiencing the culture and living through their history with them just made me feel like a part of something, a part of this amazingly diverse world God created. And the French!!!!! God, it was a struggle, this English wey wan break our head for no be anything. It was really hard communicating with the locals, I had to dig up my old French knowledge from high school and it was just mind-blowing how the English that is a big deal here in Nigeria is nothing to them, which takes me to the next lesson.

Travelling is about the exposure, learning new things and understanding how life works in other places.
You can’t be confined to one place and claim to know things or be exposed, we actually need to see what’s out there, get a different view and have new angles of understanding. This is one of the reasons why I refused to do my Uni in Rivers State, I wanted to know how other places felt like and coming from someone that lives in two Nigerian cities, trust me when I say no two places are the same, you learn different things from different places. I know how I have to adjust anytime I go back to Port Harcourt because the two cities are on way different levels. And honestly you can explore within your budget, if you can’t afford to go outside the country, explore within, it’s in the fun and adventure and not just the place; when you can afford it you can definitely go outside then.

Benin Republic was really amazing for me and has further ignited my passion for traveling and exploring. I experienced new feelings and the time away from the internet and social media did a lot of good ( I couldn’t roam and the wifi just wasn’t working with my phone) writing this post just took me back to my cabin by the beach, the bonfire, the coconuts and the baguets. It’s an experience I don’t mind doing over again, but hey! Cheers to more trips and adventures

I hope you could picture yourself in my Cabin or on the beach while reading this post, so let’s talk, are you a travel bunny too? what do you think about traveling? I really like it when you drop your comments, honestly, it’s what motivates me to continue. Thank you for the support. Ps. this post doesn’t have pictures because I made just videos, still trying to edit and upload on youtube, I’m new to it plus slow internet so it’s a major struggle. you can just subscribe to the channel, I should sort it out this evening.This is a link to the Channel HERE I honestly hope that’s the right link, JJC on this one hahaha.

*wey wan break our head for no be anything: Pidgin English and in the context used means Something we stress over for and isn’t worth.

*Disclaimer: This post was not compensated by the tour group. It is an honest recap of my experiences in Ouidah Benin Republic. I believe traveling is something we should all do once in a while. The pictures used in this post were taken by me. 

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