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I don’t have to worry cause He’s working me, He’s Intentional….. never failing.  All things are working for my good.- Travis Greene

Whenever I go AWOL ( which I do very often) my comeback post is always a “Myself lately”, you can check out some others here, here and here.  I’ve heard that they’re pretty interesting. Normally these posts always take a keeping stock format but the last time I did something different, I was in a very emotional place ( am I not always? *rolls eyes*). Anyways, I’m going back to the stock format, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately……

Being a Mom!My sister was away for a month so as the jobless aunt, I was the best pick for a caretaker. Honestly, it was very stressful but exciting at the same time and I loved the experience. I had to make sacrifices which some people didn’t understand but then who cares? A lot of lessons learned and ya, there’s a post about that sitting in the drafts.

Learning graphic designing, sketching, content creation and cooking. Yes! I can cook now and my Jollof rice is BAE, trust me. My nephew even walked up to me and said “Aunty TT I give you A+”, basically everyone that has eaten my food has asked for extra, you have no idea how excited I am. Wife material is now 1000 yards.

Listening to more gospel songs and podcasts on business, marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship and general life motivation. What you feed the mind is what it becomes and Ps. Travis Greene is heaven sent.

Watching a lot of videos in the areas listed above and even though I’ve reduced TV time, lately I’ve been watching a lot of crime series like NCIS, CSI, Mysteries of Laura, Rizzoli and Isles…. and a couple others.

Reading! I’ve always been a book person but more of novels, right now I’m reading more books that will actually help my life. Knowledge is power, don’t be ignorant, always be willing to learn and know.

Taking my Faith seriously, I was a social media Christian, scripture quotes but no personal relationship with God, Christian by mouth, like my mum will say. Mehn, I’ve grown and matured spiritually, it’s been a gradual process and I’m so impressed with my progress. Gradually dropping some habits and behavior and it’s just been fantastic, I’m no longer ashamed to excuse myself from some conversations’ or even talk about God, Heck! Even my sexual desires have dropped or should I rather say I have a better control over it. I am a proud member of Harvesters International Christian Centre Lekki and currently enrolled in the Harvesters Spiritual Development College! Wow, I feel fulfilled.

Writing a book but please don’t hold your breath, it’s coming in really slow, kind of like one paragraph in two weeks thing so don’t expect a release soon.

Eating a lot of chicken wings from Food Shack, God they have the best wings in Lagos as far as I’m concerned. I’m supposed to be on this fit fam life but a sister likes to eat mehnnnn

Ticking things off my bucket list. I wrote a midyear bucket list in 2016, I explained in this post here why I couldn’t do them last year and promised to do them this year. I’ve actually done some but just been really reluctant to update honestly because I made the list with my Ex and some things there, we were supposed to do them together. Anyways I plan to have fun and just maybe I’ll be giving you updates but I’ll definitely be posting pictures on my Instagram, follow me here.

Stopped explaining. I am honestly tired of explaining myself to people, it has become very frustrating and I’m finally realizing that we are all selfish and it’s really annoying. These few weeks I’ve stopped talking to a lot of people because I’m just tired of explaining, no one ever wants to know the other person’s reason or side of the story and it can be very frustrating …….. ah, let me just stop here.

Unlearning. Growing up has to do with a lot of unlearning, as you begin to get exposed or as life hits you, you begin to see things in a different light. These past few months I’ve had to unlearn a lot; one major thing I unlearned was my “self-entitlement.” No one actually owes me anything in life, not even my parents, God is the only one I can take my self- entitlement b***s**t to. I feel the earlier we realize this, the better for us because a lot of our anger and hurt is rooted in the fact that we feel entitled. ‘Oh! I’ve been so good to her…. she still did this to me’ blah; start taking actions and decisions based on ‘you’ and not because of what you hope to get or expectations.

Being too excited, hence leaping before looking. Don’t be too excited that you forget to think, I’ve been doing that a lot and it has gotten me into so much trouble. I got involved with a lot of projects and didn’t even think properly about how it will affect other areas of my life. I had issues with a couple of my friends because of this, but thank God it’s way past us now.

Waiting for stream 2 of NYSC and honestly, I wish it will just get canceled, I think it’s a total waste of my time.

Yaaaayy, I got a job!  Look who’s a 9-5 chic now, Me!!! I’m interning at a digital marketing company and I’m so excited and scared at the same time, anyways I know God’s got me, He brought me this far so he won’t leave me stranded.

There you have it! What I’ve been up to lately, it’s a lengthy post but I hope it was worth the read. So what have you been up to? Share with me, you know I love to hear from you always. Ps. Do you like my “myself lately” posts?

*Disclaimer: This post is a roundup of what I’ve been up to lately. It was written with the hopes of entertaining and educating. All the words used here are mine and the post is definitely not compensated in any way.

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