Reading Time: 3’42”. I Took A Blog Break – Here’s Why

“There comes a point where it all becomes too much. When we get too tired to fight anymore, then we give up. That’s when the real work begins. To find hope where there seems to be absolutely none at all.”

Cristina Yang

Blogging break, blogging break! Everyone takes that once in a while, it’s needed certainly. But, will I call mine a break? Nah,  I’ll say I took a blogging sabbatical. It was 10 long months. Whoa! That’s actually a long time, do I still have readers? I’m happy to be writing my first post after such a long time, it’s some sort of therapeutic for me. This post sorta explains everything, gives you the highlight of what’s been going on and a few lessons learned. It should be a pretty good comeback post. Ps. It might be a long read.  

I Took A Blog Break - Here's Why

So Why Did I Stop Blogging?

Honestly, I wish I could give you one of those nicely crafted answers about taking a break to learn, create more, live, strategize and yada yada. I stopped blogging because I got exhausted and overwhelmed with life, trying to build a career, relationships and literally just everything. The inconsistency issues got worse and I hate to admit it but I got really lazy. I couldn’t manage my time and I lost sight of the big picture. Making excuses was a thing, after all, I had a 9-5 so I needed to settle in properly.  I remember telling myself “let’s settle in, it’ll get better.” Two months into the job guess who was still “settling” in? Moi! And just before I knew it, NYSC was here and everything got so jumbled up. Coupled with all the major changes in my life blogging took the back seat.

Lessons learned…

While I was away from blogging, my head was buried deep in work and other things I would consider right now as trivial. But like they say every phase you find yourself teaches you lessons.

Here are some few things I want you to know. There is nothing like the perfect moment. Truth is, you just have to take the moment as it is and make it perfect. After all, the beauty of perfection lies in imperfection. I let things hold me back, I waited for perfection but sadly it never got perfect.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with time and managing it of course. Time is static and the problem is not with managing time. What needs to be managed are the things that take up your time. When you think like this, you’ll realize there is time for just about anything in the world, as long as it’s priority.

I used to find it hard calling myself a creative but now I’m getting used to it; I’ll probably use it a lot in this paragraph. When I was writing this post, my first line of thought was that my blogging break was bad and very unprofessional. But as the writing went on I realized it was a blessing in disguise. I’ve always known pressure but the pressure on you as a creative is on another level. Pouring your soul into projects and opening up is part of the job because that’s how your original work comes out. It leaves you open to the world hence the pressure. Consistency level and standards have been defined by the creative industry so the okay thing to do is fit in. while on the blog break I figured if I was going to come back to this I had to create my own standards and that is what I think we should all do as creatives. I know the pressure can be a lot, heck I stopped blogging for it. The pressure to post regularly and put out good and acceptable content; but one thing I’ve learned is to take it easy. To all the creatives out there, you might be inconsistent or consistent but just keep at it and know when to pause and give yourself a pat on the back.

I learned a few more and there’s a lot I want to talk about but I’ll just save them for future blog posts. I really don’t want to bore you.

I Took A Blog Break - Here's Why

Here’s a quick summary of somethings that have happened in my life.


  • Yay, I completed my University degree.
  • I think it’s okay to say I finally found God and started building a better relationship.
  • Anakle staff, who this? So I got to intern at one of the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria, Anakle and it was a blessing.
  • I switched careers, lol. No more Real estate manager. Say hello to the Brand and Visual Storyteller.
  • I moved to Abuja. Well, I’ve had the best of both worlds; from Port Harcourt to Lagos and now Abuja. Ps. NYSC brought me here.
  • I started a Business and I promise to tell you all about it soon. But you can follow my business page HERE.
  • A lot more happened but this is all I want you to know right now.  

I feel really good blogging again and I hope I can consistently give you good content. I promise to be more consistent and focused this time. Cheers to having the Black Writer Back.

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