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“A new broom sweeps clean but an old broom knows the corner” – Anonymous


Being a blogger right now is a lot of stress, work, and effort. If you are conversant with the blogging sphere, you probably know that consistency is one of the major problems bloggers face.  


I started The Black Writer three (3) years ago, although I had been moderating an online diary a few years before that. The online diary was fun. It was easy and convenient. I didn’t have to think of killer content, I just did me. But now, with growth, everything has changed. I have to ensure SEO is right, content is mindblowing and I am speaking to my audience. It’s a lot of hassle, to be honest. Also coupled with the fact that a lot of creatives now are wearing other caps like social media influencing, content creation, and others. It seems as though our blogs have taken the back seat.  And I can understand why a lot of us have consistency issues.


When I had my online diary and before The Black Writer; the blogging sphere wasn’t as saturated as it is now. It was more original. Bloggers created content out of the heart and not because of what the online community wanted to see and definitely not to be popular. It was more about acceptance, rubbing minds together and building each other. It was lovely.


The Black Writer was birthed with the hopes of sharing my voice as well and being part of a community that stood for something beautiful.


Today, I’m dedicating this post to the Bloggers who inspired my journey.

Desola Mako

Meet The 4 Bloggers who Inspired my Journey

Also known as Dee Mako or King Dee. Desola is a creative entrepreneur and powerhouse. When I found Desola’s blog, it felt as though I had just discovered a gold mine. Desola taught me how to be strong and original. She introduced me to the world of nonconformism. She is an innovator, a leader, and a community builder. I don’t know how she does it, but she has found captivating ways to turn her life into lessons and stories worth sharing. I like to call her the mother hen because she sure does know how to take care of people. Oh, I forgot to add, she’s blunt as hell. I’m happy that I’ve been able to build an offline relationship with her, she’s indeed a powerhouse and one to be reckoned with. Back in the days, you’d find her talking about fashion, art and her take on the Nigerian creative scene. You’d find her organizing events that brought bloggers and creatives together. Well, today you’d find her living her best life in Morocco @Desolamakoand writing about the confident woman who has found herself – the Alte Chic. She makes amazing life planners @heartdictions. It’s safe to say she has paid her dues. I love you, Dee.

Check out this post, It was one of her blogger events back in the days.

Lagos Bloggers Brunch X Saints Care Charity Cup


Mide Coker

Meet The 4 Bloggers who Inspired my Journey

Reading Mide’s blog introduced me to self-care and self-love. The way she fused her life, fashion and creativity literally taught me how to be creative. Because of Mide Coker, I saw art in everything. You think you’re creative and your feed is popping?  Mide already had an “aesthetically pleasing feed” in 2013/2014. So she’s been there and she’s done that. You still dey learn work. Everything about her speaks peace and creativity. Reading her blog used to give me this peaceful feeling. I wanted to be like Mide. Thinking about it now, one of the things I really loved about her was her ability to pass all these emotions to her readers both online and offline. She’s one of those people whose energy and vibes tend to rub off on you. Mide Coker is goals, take it from me. Today you’ll probably find her trying out a new fitness plan, meal or skincare routine. Or helping brands create killer content at @nuvocode. Well, she’s the content grandmother. Or even serving us some melanin goodness at @midecoker


Kachi Eloka

Meet The 4 Bloggers who Inspired my Journey

If I had one wish, it’ll be to see the world through the eyes of Kachi. I discovered her when she used to co-author a blog with @aneeuche where they showcased the best of African fashion and art. With Kachi, learning how to embrace my blackness came easy. I remember when she wore pants to her convocation, that was epic! Kachi is definitely not the average girl. She is one person that I haven’t been able to put in a box because she is one to break through every box. Kachi is an embodiment of art and I really wish she was still creating for us as much as she used to. Feed your eyes on her feed, that is what art is @Kachi.e BE FOCUSED. Right now I can’t tell what she’s doing, all I know is that she is somewhere in the world adding so much value. You can check out @thriftprojects It used to be a project of hers. I honestly don’t know if she has taken the back seat with that but it’s still worth checking out. Once in a while, she blesses our timeline with one of her beautiful images. Ps. She’s the best photographer to me.


Cassie Daves

Meet The 4 Bloggers who Inspired my Journey

Where do I even start with Cassie Daves…. Daves, not Davies! Let’s call her the awkward girl next door who also happens to be the coolest kid on the block. As a young girl in Uni trying to figure out life, Cassie was a huge inspiration to me. Her blog back in the days was more of an online diary than a fashion blog to me. Where she told us all that was going on; her victories, fears, struggles, and precious thoughts. To be very honest, when I see Cassie today, I can’t help but be proud of all that she has become. I’m not her best friend but it seems as though we are actually doing life together. From shy Cassie with the awkward smile to the strong confident woman literally living her best life traveling the world and exploring cities while still building her brand and business.

Cassie is one blogger that makes me truly understand how hard work pays. From taking memory card to events to owning high tech cameras. (Are you surprised how I know this? The real fans have been there since day 1. Cassie owns her line of blog planners ( Cassie Daves Blog Planner) If you’re a blogger reading this, just maybe consider getting one. Ps. For all things living, you probably should be glued to her Instagram page. @cassiedaves Wait, you thought that was all? She recently launched a Tee shirt line because we need to wear more teess.. duh?


I Kinda enjoyed writing this post, it brought back a lot of good memories. Which just emphasizes how important it is to blog with the heart. Enjoy the process so that you can always sit back and reminisce the good old days. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. The bloggers I mentioned in this post are so important to me. They were my inspiration back in the days and till today they still inspire me. 

*Disclaimer: The content of this post are my opinions of these bloggers. Images used in this post were gotten from the Instagram pages of the bloggers stated above and designed by me. 


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