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On Building an Engaging Audience - Relatability - The Black Writer

Just Be Relatable


Instagram used to be all fun and games until people began to look up to me, seek advice and solutions to life problems. I don’t have 10k followers but I have a very engaged and amazing audience. People keep asking me how I managed to build this tribe without so much effort. It got me thinking and I realized that one thing resonated with my Instagram brand, and that is RELATABILITY.


People stay glued to my page, share my images, leave comments and have conversations with me simply because they can relate to everything I put out.


When it dawned on me that I had started to build good followership, I decided to do things differently. Coincidentally, that was the same time my relationship with God got deeper and started flourishing. I saw Instagram as not just a social platform, but a means to preach the gospel and teach people about God and life. Of course, using my own experiences and adventures.


I have always seen my life as an inspiration and lesson – this is the reason why I started my blog anyways. It only made sense that my Instagram should align with this. I understood my “why and my who” and that influenced the kind of content I created.


In the bid to satisfy the people at my table (my real target audience), everything I created, eventually turned out to be relatable.

What Makes Content Relatable?


I’ve mentioned relatable a number of times. If you’re confused about what relatable content is, this is what it is in simple terms. Relatable content is that image, video, design, caption or any other type of content that evokes a familiar feeling or emotion in the mind of the viewer. It is that content that makes the viewer feel like you jumped right out of their mind or make them shout “that’s so me” or “omg! I feel this way”. It’s that kind of content that connects and automatically builds a relationship between you and the viewer.

How Can Relatability help you grow an Engaging Audience?


Creating relatable content does the following

  • Makes your content memorable enough to make your followers come back for more.
  • Builds a connection between you and your audience. You become real in their eyes; sort of like an online friend, sister, brother or even mentor.
  • Makes your content shareable. Chances are that one follower has other friends just like him or her. They see a content that relates to their life at the moment, they share it with others.
  • It helps attract the right audience, people who connect with you. And the thing with Instagram is that people who fall in this category are the ones that will engage. Recently I went through my followers’ list and removed some followers that do not engage with me. I did them a favour because honestly, I don’t think they really connected with me. #Joo Get?


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On Building an Engaging Audience - Relatability - The Black Writer

How Do you even create Relatable content?

Listen to your followers


Like one of my favourite Instagrammers @Salemkinging would say, it’s not about you, it’s about them. It’s about those seated at your table. To create content they can relate with, you have to listen, get to know and understand them.

Would they read this? Would it add value? These are some type of questions you should ask before putting anything out.

Engage with them as well; it’s only right that you give what you want. Take everyone along and create your content in such a way that they feel involved. Ask questions, run polls and get feedback. All these are good ways to listen and know your followers.

Put your heart and soul into whatever content you create and put out.


People tap into personalities, they want to live through you and experience life as you do. They want to know you. Full of humor, throw it in. Very sarcastic? Give us our daily dose. Your slay is sharper than a two-edged sword? Slay it hard.

Your followers want to see that you are human, see your failures and your wins, your highs and your lows, show it to them. I see a number of bloggers and creatives trying to stick with the rule book and are ending up creating boring content. Who told you we want to see a sky and a quote? We want to see the emotions on your face as you read that quote or something else. Ps. It’s okay to have a picture of the sky if it suits your brand’s aesthetics. All I’m saying is take your followers on your life’s experiences. Let your content be an extension of who you are.

Pick a passion point


The sea of niches is endless. To build an engaging audience, pick a niche. I do not necessarily mean a narrowed down niche, a general niche is fine. Let me use myself as an example. My ideal target audience is young creatives, bloggers, content creators, and Christians. Everything I post on my Instagram caters to this class of people. I’m a lifestyle content creator and I cover aspects of lifestyle these particular set of people are interested in. I’m not tech or design-focused but I am a storyteller and my passion point is helping and teaching my target audience. Today I’m teaching them how to create content, the next day I’m teaching them how to study the scriptures. Other days I’m introducing them to affordable brands. To the regular onlooker, this sounds a little bit nicheless but it is not because I am serving my table what they want to eat. I have chosen a niche through a passion point.


In as much as social platforms, these days are beginning to be more like the money making platforms they are still for social networking so have as much fun as possible. As you create content and try to be relatable, don’t lose yourself or burn out because you want to satisfy everyone. The simple truth is that you cannot. So take your time, create at your own pace and take breaks when the need arises.

On Building an Engaging Audience - Relatability - The Black Writer

The last tip I’ll give is this – Be a Storyteller and authentic. without authenticity, relatability becomes unreal.


I hope this post helps you create better content that will ensure you build that engaging audience you want.



*Disclaimer: Relatability is how I built my engagement. I cannot guarantee that it will definitely give you engagement. Pictures used in this post were taken by Jesse Ngur Photography


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