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Trust me, I absolutely have no idea what i’m doing, or do I? Oh, this is the part where I say “Welcome To The Black Writer”.  My name is Tamunotonye Levy-Braide, I’m a content creator and this is my blog. The Black Writer is a self expressive lifestyle blog. I use my life to tell stories, teach, create and inspire. I think I’m too rare to die and too weird to live. Enjoy my life etched in words and images.

Ps. my blog is reader friendly, still building on that vocabulary *winks*

Ankara Fashion Trends|| All Fringed up

Reading Time: 0'50" Ankara Fashion Trends|| All Fringed up Dayum, Baby, you look good! Been AWOL for a while now, blame it on too many activities and improper time management. Yes! I'm accepting all the blame here. This post is to show you how beautiful I looked on...

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