Working with The Black Writer
Thanks for showing interest in working with The Black Writer. You either have read my blog, stumbled on my social media or were referred to me. Either ways, I really appreciate you taking out time to check me out. The Black Writer is a lifestyle creative and expressive blog out to help and inspire people. So, I’m open to working with brands that I can create good content with that will fit into my blog’s aesthetic and audience. And at the same time I also want to help achieve your brand’s goals and objectives.
Here are the services I offer
Before you start reading, please note that my services are not limited to these alone. What makes The Black Writer special is the ability to create magic from rumble. So if you have any other idea that is not listed to create magic please let me know. Pretty sure we can find a way to work with each other. I could either work based on Monetary Terms or Product Exchange for Post, send that mail and let’s negotiate.
Reviews I’m open to write reviews of products, places, events and any other thing that may need reviewing- lol. I appreciate my readers so, I’ll be honest with my reviews and will only review products and services that align with what my blog stands for.
In-Post Banner Ads With this, you get an ad space in my blog posts. ​Note:​ At the moment, I do not offer sidebar ads on my blog. The size of this In-post banners are 728 x 90 and 728 x 184.
Social Media Mentions Apart from my blog followership, I also have a followership on social media. This will involve me promoting your band across my various social media platforms.
Giveaways If you wish to giveaway your product or services, we can work together to come up with giveaway campaigns to boost your brand and as well be of use to my readers.
Brand Ambassadorship Ey 🙂 I’ll make a pretty good brand ambassador *winks*
Collaborations I’m open to working with other bloggers, brands etc. So hit me up and let’s talk about it.
Ps. Any post with a partnership, either paid or product exchange would be stated at the end of every post.

Honestly can’t wait to hear from you, let’s create magic together Email me at ​